GetIT:Times Tables

get it times tables
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GetIt: Times Tables is my first Android app.
GetIt:Times Tables

I wanted to learn how to devlop using Android Studio and to experience the process of getting an app into production and hopefully of monetizing it.

I wanted to make a useful app that offers something different to its competitors. I have used my teaching experience, knowledge of the market place and input from my kids to guide the development of this app.

Skills Devloped

  • Android Studio
  • Android Developer Console
  • AdMob
  • XML
  • Scalable Vector Graphics using Inkscape and GIMP
  • Java. While this project has not yet stretched my Java skills I have written it with thought to code maintenance and future development.


Next Steps

  • Develop new functionality based on user feedback
  • Improve presentation and user experience
  • Make grid able to dynamically expand to 150 to accommodate 12 x 12
  • Develop promotional strategies